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The Photon,successor of the Quark, and the Second edition Elect now built in South Africa

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Product: Tjaarge Elect

This Dual Hub Motor Electric skateboard is all about Speed, Power and Range while still being affordably priced.   It could reach a speed up to 40km/h and go as far as 20km! It goes without...

Tjaarge Quark V1.1 – Take Tjaarge of your mobility

The Tjaarge Quark is one most unique products. Its a super agile cruiser electric skateboard. Let's show you why: Jason Maggott, a great friend of ours, filmed this fun video for us in 2019. Do...

Adin Walls – An overview of the early Tjaarge Quark 2018

We gave Adin Walls and Jason Maggot a board to try out for a couple days back in 2018! After this video some things have changed in the Quark, namely: An improved capacity Samsung battery  New...

No Stereotypes – Our First Video, Late 2018

We set out to create this seriously fun video with the help of a good friend, the extremely talented Hendri Brits. Give him a follow on instagram: check out...
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