Elect R2+ E-board

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*Product photos depict an Elect R2 with laser engraved graphics of customer’s choice.

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The Elect R2+ is more powerful than any Elect before, with larger wheels, and an increased battery capacity.

This machine is powerful, fast and it can go the distance – but also the most friendly to beginners.

This board has been designed to get you to work and back, run the errands, or offer a mellow Sunday afternoon ride, everyday.
Its meant to add some serious fun to your days. Life changes when you can surf to your destinations.

The 90mm wheel diameter improves the smoothness of your ride, especially on rougher roads.

The flex and rider stance has been improved to keep you more comfy and locked down when chasing uphill or carving downhill.



  • Remote Controlled
  • 4 progressive power modes
  • Maximum speed beyond 35 km/h
  • Can have a range beyond 30km, depending on your riding style and environment.
  • 3.5h maximum recharge time
  • Suited for a rider up to 110kg
  • Great hill climbing ability
  • Smooth braking, with adjustable intensity
  • Deep concave for added carving ability
  • Inset Griptape to make your board to look new for longer
  • Flexible enclosure to conform to the firm flex of your board
  • Flat tail to stand up against a wall easier
  • Includes Fast Charger, remote usb charging cable, T-tool, 3mm Allen key, 8mm spanner.



  • TWO 550W 90mm hub motors
  • replaceable motor tread
  • 90mm Polyurethane Wheels
  • 36V 12A 432 Watt Hour Battery
  • High Quality Samsung 30Q lithium ion cells
  • 42V 3A Lithium-Ion Charger
  • Pressed Maple Wood Deck, custom made by Project Skateboards.
  • Durable Metal enclosure with a tough coating,
  • Stainless Steel truck fasteners
  • USB-C Rechargeable remote controller



Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 95 × 30 × 16 cm

With Laser Engraved Personalisation, Default Tjaarge Branding


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