“If It Were Possible To Kite Surf To The Grocery Store, I Would…”


Hi, I am Cassidy

As the founder of Tjaarge, I have a passion for Outdoor sports and Mechatronics. I needed an easier way to move through Stellenbosch to make it in time for my day. 

I wanted something simple, fun and affordable. Not only do I want to create a solution for my current situation, but also for the future.

Oh, and it’s pronounced “Charge”like we do here in the Western Cape.

Durability, Efficiency, Sustainabilty

At Tjaarge we strive to reduce consumption without compromising function. We want our products to maintain their value throughout their lifespan. 

Our products are made in South Africa and support is as easy as one click away. We are always in the hot seat to innovate our products. We believe in Modular, Minimalistic and Impactful improvements.

If your Tjaarge product runs for years with minimal input, we know that waste generation is delayed, and resources were spent wisely.

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